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  • Lindsay & Lisa's Excellent Adventure

    Tuesday May 1st marked the first Retail Day of Giving for the Custer County Foundation. Retail stores throughout Custer County signed up to participate by donating a percentage of their sales from the day. For this day to be a success we needed the public to get out there and shop local.   Read More...

  • Planned Giving: Making a Difference in Your Home Community

    Since each of us will leave a legacy after our time on earth is passed, the question becomes what legacy will you leave? For most, our legacy will be left with those we leave behind. However, what about those causes that matter to us most?   Read More...

  • Custer County Foundation 101

    There may appear to be something somewhat perplexing about community foundations because they offer so many different services and giving opportunities. To help you better understand the many services and giving opportunities the Custer County Foundation offers, below is a list and the definitions of the different types of funds that can be established with the Foundation.· Donor Advised Fund (DAF): Allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit, an...  Read More...

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