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Sustaining Members: Circle Together to Make a Difference

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.” —Author Unknown

As we embark on our 2019 membership goal to raise $25,000, we keep this quote in mind. The Custer County Foundation has the potential to continue to grow, therefore increasing our impact on Custer County. We are challenging ourselves and the residents of Custer County to help us grow.

Please help us meet our goal by becoming a member today. Both businesses and individuals are encouraged to take this important step which is vital to the future of your community and Custer County.

A gift to the Foundation ensures we can continue our mission of charitable giving to benefit residents throughout Custer County. As a way to recognize your generous support, we will publish your name in our 2020 Winter Newsletter. Your name will also appear in our 15th Annual Gala & Auction program.

The success of the Foundation is a direct reflection of our generous supporters. Donations from our valuable members allow us to perform daily activities which, in turn, create opportunities for a greater impact.

The Foundation thrives today because of past and present Custer County residents who have a strong desire to give back to communities where they have lived, prospered, worked and played. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member today. THANK YOU!

For more information on becoming a Sustaining Member, click the button below to view our brochure.

When we circle together WE CAN make a difference.

Become a Member of the Foundation

You’re invited to become a member of the Foundation with a one-time gift or an ongoing gift. Use the Membership Levels button below to view suggested donation levels and to download a printable donation form. If you prefer to make a donation online, click the Donate Now button.