Custer County Foundation Celebrates 30 years!

The Custer County Foundation held its 30th Anniversary Celebration in the Broken Bow City Square on Thursday, August 12th.  Board President Alicia Hermsmeyer welcomed those in attendance. The goal for the evening was to simply thank everyone for their loyalty and support over the past 30 years and celebrate the success of Give 4 Custer County. Those in attendance could enter for their chance to win BIG in the money machine. The money collected in the money machine was donated to one of the 24 Give 4 Custer County participating organizations! Everyone enjoyed the music, ice cream, beverages, and promotional items. 

When the original Founders first got together in 1991, it was their hope to create a Foundation that would meet the needs of residents of Custer County for many years to come. 

The Founders decided the purpose of the Foundation would be to receive and administer funds to support the areas of civic, health, cultural, welfare and education improvements throughout the county. And here we are, 30 years later, going as strong as ever.

Executive Director, Lindsay Cook recognized the founding board members, key volunteers, past Executive Directors and current board members.

  • Founding Members:
    • Roy Yanagida
    • Beth Cole
    • Tedd Huston
    • Jim Croghan
    • Bill Watson
    • Alvin Smolik
    • Donna Kimball
    • Diane Oerter
    • Dr. Alanson Jones
    • Dr. Loren Jacobsen
    • Robert Hostick
    • Dick Stone
  • Key Volunteers:
    • Tedd Huston
    • Beth Rains
    • Dot Yanagida
    • Betty Brown
    • Jeanne Uren
  • Former Executive Directors:
    • Beth Cole
    • Jo Ann Devine
    • Cecile Morrison
    • Charlene Rienks
    • Sandy Christenson
    • Lisa Bell
  • Current Board Members:
    • Alicia Hermsmeyer, President
    • Andrew Tickle, Vice President
    • Deb Girardin, Secretary
    • Julie Johnson, Treasurer
    • Lizzie Bartak, Merna
    • Brent Custer, Broken Bow
    • Shelly Griffith, Callaway
    • Travis Johnson, Ansley
    • Guy Mills, Jr, Ansley
    • Jami Myers, Broken Bow
    • Tammy Schall, Broken Bow
    • Kim Schipporeit, Merna
    • Chris Smith, Broken Bow
    • Jodi Smith, Sargent/Milburn
    • Hunter Thomas, Broken Bow
  • Staff:
    • Office Assistant:  Lisa Bell, Broken Bow
    • Executive Director:  Lindsay Cook, Broken Bow

Since its inception, the Foundation has reinvested well over $5.8 million in grants, scholarships, and program support to individuals & organizations throughout Custer County!

This spring the Foundation awarded $67,232 in grant funds to Custer County organizations!!! 

Grant funds are made possible from the proceeds from the annual Gala & Auction Event held in December.  This year it will be held on December 11th.  Save the date!!

The Custer County Foundation Board of Directors wanted a fun way to celebrate turning 30. They decided a “Giving Campaign” would be a great way to celebrate our anniversary while giving back and so GIVE 4 CUSTER COUNTY was created!

The Board committed $30,000 for a matching pool that would be distributed proportionately among the participating organizations. The Board would like to thank Arrow Seed, Becton Dickinson, Palmer Monument, Sargent Irrigation and Thomas Livestock for donating to the matching pool and incentive prizes fund for a total of $50,000 available for the match.

Twenty-four nonprofit organizations signed up to participate and put in the work to raise over $165,000 (including the $2,500 in incentive prizes)!!  Congratulations and thanks for making G4CC a success!!  When you add in the $47,500 in matching dollars the total raised for this campaign was over $213,000!!  Thank you, Custer County, for your generous support!

The following checks were distributed to the participating organizations.

Anselmo Merna Foundation35,223.70
Arnold Community Theater173.96
Arnold Economic Development17,893.44
Broken Bow Area Rotary6,713.50
Broken Bow Backpack3,005.79
Broken Bow Elks2,479.57
Broken Bow Library Foundation1,474.66
Broken Bow Optimist1,863.24
Broken Bow Parent Teacher Association379.57
Callaway Assisted Living Building Fund50,463.54
Callaway Good Life Center2,938.10
Callaway Hospital District Foundation926.43
Comstock Community Garden1,551.50
Custer County Fair FREE Pit BBQ5,190.12
Oconto Volunteer Rescue28,167.83
One Box Foundation13,376.13
Sandhill Critters 4-H Club1,056.09
Santa Cop Program3,150.07
Sargent Imagination Library309.30
Sargent Township Library2,064.32
Spartan Foundation21,991.00
Super Kids Club, Inc.6,260.21
Teammates of Broken Bow3,468.81
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 35762,375.70

          Alicia Hermsmeyer closed the evening by thanking the following individuals and businesses:

  • RUNZA for the beverages & cups
  • Dairy Queen for the Dilly Bars
  • South Loup Sunrise
  • Lyne’s Appliance for the freezer
  • The Board Members for all their help to make this evening possible.

The Custer County Foundation is the county’s savings account and as our slogan says; “together we are preserving our heritage and planning our future!”

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped celebrate this incredible milestone.