Interested in Establishing a Scholarship?

Have you ever thought of establishing a scholarship fund? The Custer County Foundation can be a valuable resource to you and your family in establishing an effective and meaningful scholarship fund. Many donors establish a scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one. Establishing a scholarship is an easy process! The Custer County Foundation will work with you to establish a scholarship that is designed personally for you. The Foundation will answer key questions like:

  • What do I name the fund?
  • Who is eligible to apply?
  • How is the recipient chosen?
  • Can I target a specific field of study?
  • Do I care which high school the student attends?
  • Can the scholarship be awarded to a college student?
  • Is there a minimum award amount?
  • How is the scholarship paid out to the student?

All scholarships are donor-driven. The donor selects the criteria used by the selection committee to determine a recipient. The donor names the scholarship and determines the dollar amount the recipient is given. Donors are invited to attend the scholarship ceremony to present their scholarship and meet the recipients. The Foundation takes care of all the paperwork and behind-the-scene work, therefore allowing the donor to truly enjoy the positive impact their scholarship is having on the lives of students.

Contact the Custer County Foundation today, and we would be more than happy to walk you through the simple steps to establish a scholarship.