Lindsay & Lisa's Excellent Adventure

Img 6160Tuesday May 1st marked the first Retail Day of Giving for the Custer County Foundation. Retail stores throughout Custer County signed up to participate by donating a percentage of their sales from the day. For this day to be a success we needed the public to get out there and shop local. Being the Executive Director, I felt it was part of my job to get out there and shop (I know, tough job). So, me and my sidekick Lisa, the Office Assistant for the Foundation, set out to do our civic duty and SHOP!! We started the morning by promoting the Spring Into Giving day on the local radio stations then headed to Arrow Seed, our first stop. We had lots of fun picking out some veggies and flowers, even picked up some garden gloves. Next stop, Wenquist, Inc., NAPA. Who doesn’t need some cleaning supplies for your vehicle to start the summer? Summer is also grilling season so we headed over to Muddy Creek Ag in Ansley to pick up some spices and marinades. Then on over to Ansley Supply & Lumber… time to spice up a room with a fresh coat of paint.

Img 6163Sargent here we come!! But wait a minute… is that my low tire pressure light that just flashed on?? Surely I don’t have a flat tire. I told my sidekick it’s come on before; I just needed to add a little air. THUD, THUD, THUD…. Not the case this time as we pull over in someone’s driveway along Highway 183. Jump out to see a very flat tire. We give each other a pep talk; of course we can change a flat tire, right?? Lug nuts are too tight; I try an old trick I learned in driver’s education: put the bar parallel to the ground to stand and jump on it to loosen the nut, sure enough it works. Now onto the jack, this is a little trickier. We move the bar up and down, nothing. Lo and behold the NAPA truck pulls up just in time to teach us how to use the jack. He explains you turn the jack to get it to work. Lisa and I get a good chuckle and are glad we learned how to use it. We let the NAPA guy take it from here and he gets us back on our way and even tells us Unruh Auto Sales is open today.

Img 6164We swing into Unruh’s to fix the tire, he even has a used one on hand, it is our lucky day. Lisa and I walk over to The Ritz for lunch, visit with some locals to pass the time while the tire gets changed. We enjoy a lovely meal, pick up the car and head to Sargent Corner Market to grab a few groceries. A trip to Sargent isn’t complete without stopping by Sargent Pack for some of those famous Bulldogs.

On the road again, make a quick stop at Chapin’s, then on our way to Oconto to fuel up at Eggleston Oil.

Take a few minutes to admire the Oconto Sculpture Garden (it’s really quite amazing if you have never seen it).

Img 6167Next destination, Callaway! Swing into Agri-Best Feeds to pick up some fencing gloves. Found some cute knick-knacks at Third Season Boutique and grabbed some odds and ends from Callaway True Value. We take the Arnold River Road over to Arnold, taking in the scenic drive. Mills Hardware has what we need, pick up some yard work supplies then head across the street to The Arnold Exchange for a snack and drink for the drive back to Broken Bow.

Img 6170Lisa and I visited on the drive home about how we had such a fun day and visited about all the great things Custer County has available. Every community is unique and has so much more to offer than people realize. We participated in Spring Into Giving because we wanted to support the retailers who took a chance to participate in the Custer County Foundation Giving Day. If only there were enough hours in the day to allow us to stop at all 37 participating businesses, we missed a lot of great businesses. If we can take something away from our trip it would be get out there and explore Custer County and support our local economy. This county is full of hidden treasures and friendly faces! We are grateful for everyone’s support and participation. Excellent!