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Vincent Van Gogh said “Great things are a series of small things brought together.” This couldn’t be more true of the Foundation’s efforts to build a strong community. It’s the consistency of what might be thought small efforts that create success. People working cooperatively have the opportunity to do things they never thought possible.

The Foundation’s steady growth is driven by the generosity, ideas and beliefs of donors that the Custer County Foundation can make a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in Custer County. The Foundation exists today because of past and present residents who have a strong desire to give back to the communities where they have lived, prospered, worked, and played. We serve the communities of Anselmo, Ansley, Arnold, Berwyn, Broken Bow, Callaway, Comstock, Mason City, Merna, Oconto, Sargent, and Westerville. Be a part of the Custer County Foundation.

The Foundation is the community’s savings account!

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No gift is too small! Accepting any size gift is what truly makes this a community foundation!