Area Funds

Pass-Through Funds

The Foundation offers pass-through funds to any organization raising money for a cause that would be considered “not for profit.” Many organizations take advantage of these funds so they do not have to go through the process of applying for and receiving 501(c)3 status. This status is important because without it donations received are not considered tax deductible. By establishing a pass-through fund, the organization can use the Foundation’s 501(c)3, checks are made payable to the Custer County Foundation, and the money goes to the pass-through fund’s account within the Foundation. Pass through funds are also advantageous because the donor can rest easy in knowing the Foundation is managing these funds and making sure they are being used as the donor intended. It also allows smaller organizations to use their man power more efficiently. 

Current Pass-Through Funds

  • 4-H Fund
  • 4R County
  • Anselmo Relief
  • Anselmo-Merna Foundation: Anselmo-Merna Scholarship
  • Ansley Area Community Foundation
  • Ansley Cemetery Clean Up
  • Ansley Swimming Pool
  • Ansley Veteran’s Memorial Wall
  • Arnold Community Center
  • Broken Bow Public School Foundation: Little Feet Big Dreams/Performing Art Center OR Mark Russell Track and Field
  • Broken Bow Backpack Program
  • Broken Bow Beef Boosters
  • Broken Bow Fire/EMS Department
  • Broken Bow Green Coalition
  • Broken Bow Jr. High, H.S. Athletic Support Fund
  • Broken Bow Lions Club, Helping Hands and Food Pantry House
  • Broken Bow Ministerial Association
  • Broken Bow Music Boosters
  • Broken Bow Wrestling Club
  • Bulldog Education Foundation
  • Callaway Rural Fire District
  • Caring Community Closet
  • Children’s Christmas Fund
  • Custer County BBQ
  • Custer County Emergency Response Team
  • Custer County Children’s Theater Association
  • Custer County Flood Relief
  • Custer County Think Big
  • Custer Youth Outreach
  • Food 4 Youth
  • Healing Hearts and Families
  • Indian Hills All Inclusive Playground
  • Mason City Cemetery Foundation Endowment
  • Mason City Community Improvement Group
  • Mason City Fire and EMS
  • Mason City Revitalization
  • MPCC Technical Equipment
  • Nebraska Ladies One Box Board
  • Oconto Cemetery
  • Oconto Volunteer Fire Department
  • Print Zutavern Mental Health Initiative
  • Quiet Zone
  • S-E-M Lunch Club
  • S-E-M Scholarship
  • S-E-M School Foundation
  • Santa Cop
  • Sargent Imagination Library
  • Sargent Pool Fund
  • Sargent Veteran’s Memorial Fund
  • Spartan Youth Activities: Ansley Village Teachers Organization OR Spartan VIP After School Club 
  • Sumner Alumni Association
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Fund
  • Veteran’s Hero Flight

Scholarship Funds 

Scholarships established through the Foundation are donor-funded, meaning the donor has established a scholarship with the Foundation based on the criteria they want to be used regarding the selection process and they then fund the scholarship. The Foundation manages the funds, handles all aspects of administering the scholarship, thus allowing the donor the pleasure of supporting local youth without the headache associated with administering the scholarship. Attempting to set up a scholarship on your own is no easy task because there are so many regulations that must be followed, not to mention verifying student enrollment and grades if GPA is a requirement of the scholarship. Many of our scholarships are established in memory of a loved one, which not only allows this individual to be honored, but gives support to our local youth at the same time. 

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