Arnold Students


Scott B. Cool Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 

  • Must be a Senior at Arnold High School. 
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.75 for the first semester of college. 
  • Scholarship will be paid the second semester of the student's Freshman year of college. 
  • If this requirement is not met, the scholarship will go to the first alternate. 

George & Bernice Halstead Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 

  • Must be a Senior at Arnold High School. 
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. 
  • For a 2-year or 4-year degree program.

Capt. Virgil A. and 1st Lt. Donald K. Schwab Memorial Scholarship, $500 

  • Must be a senior at a Custer County high school. 
  • In addition to the biographical narrative, student must write a short essay describing the way you show positive leadership, strength in character, or courage. You may include the example of a time, an experience, or a situation in your essay. 
  • Financial need will be considered. 
  • Preference will be given to an Arnold or Callaway senior; however, all Custer County seniors are encouraged to apply.
  • As brothers and farm boys from Hooper, Nebraska, both Virgil and Donald Schwab entered the military shortly after high school graduation, and just prior to World War II. Virgil, the older, graduated from West Point Military Academy as a Captain in the Army Air Corps, but was killed in action while on a mission during the Pacific Theater. Donald was a First Lieutenant in the 3rd Infantry Division and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 2014 for his actions near Lure, France. Both were men of tremendous strength and courage.

Adair & Mary Ellen Tunnell Memorial Scholarship

(2) Two scholarships will be awarded: 1 to Stapleton for $500, 1 to Arnold for $500 

  • Must be a Senior at Arnold or Stapleton High School. 
  • 3.0 or higher GPA. 
  • For a 2-year or 4-year degree program in Agriculture, Ag-Business, or Education. 
  • $500 for a Stapleton student. 
  • $500 for an Arnold student.