Nontraditional Students


Nontraditional Scholarships 

The Custer County Foundation, Inc. will accept, at any time, grant applications from nontraditional students who wish to pursue their undergraduate degree through coursework at colleges, community colleges, tech schools, vocational schools, or etc. The Foundation defines a nontraditional student as a student who does not attend college for one calendar year following graduation from high school or after obtaining a GED and is working to obtain an undergraduate degree (certification, diploma, associate, and undergraduate).  The goal and focus of the Nontraditional Scholarship will be to help students pursuing their undergraduate degree. The application will be reviewed and grants awarded to eligible students within two months of receipt. Applicant must be a resident of Custer County.  Nontraditional scholarships awarded will be a one-time award.  The award amount will be $500 or $1,000.  

*The total amount allotted each year for nontraditional students will be $3,000.